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If you would like to have a subject and day/time posted, please let us know via the Contact Page.

Day of week Time (EDT) * Subject
Monday  8:00 P.M. Kids Korner : Subject is open and the children talk about whatever they would like.
Tuesday  8:00 P.M. Meet the neighbors: Moms and Dads Round Table. Talk to other home schoolers
Wednesday  8:00 P.M. Home Swap & Hospitality Talk:
Thursday  8:00 P.M. Teen Talk: For the older home school students.
    *  All posted times are Eastern Daylight Time.  ( Eastern USA states )
The chatroom is open 24/7.  At the present, it is open to the public.  It may later be changed to members only.
You can set up a time/day to meet with anyone via email if you'd like. Read the "How It Works" section below.
If you have any input on this matter, please let us know via the Contact Page. Thank you.

How It Works

The chatroom is not monitored at all times.  Report any misconduct via the Contact Page.

This automated chatroom has the following built-in functions:

1. You do not need to register... just type in a nickname or handle and click ENTER CHATROOM.

2. There is a bad word list. If anyone types one of these words in they are automatically banned. Cookies are
    used to keep up with users ISP addresses.

3. There is an inactive timer set for 10 min's. If you do not type anything for over 10 min's you will time out.
    If you time out accidentally, just log back in, no problem. This precludes people from leaving without logging
    out and taking up unused space.

4. If you do not wish to view what a person is typing, you can click on their name in the right column list.

5. If you enter the chatroom when nobody else is there, you can turn on the "Someone in the chatroom"
on the Home page by typing anything in and clicking send.





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