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About Us

      We are Gill and Amy Davidson. We have home schooled our four children all their lives. Gill has worked in varying capacities since our marriage, mainly owning his own business in the different aspects of construction. 

     Gill grew up living on the continent of Africa, as the son of missionaries. He, as you might imagine, traveled extensively during his youth, mainly Africa and Europe. At 21 years of age, he lived and worked at the Jawange Diamond Mine in Botswana, Southern Africa. Later he added Australia, New Zealand and Central America to his passport .

     I, Amy, in contrast was born and raised in the same home, in a small town in North Texas. I never traveled very far as a young person, an occasional ski-trip to N.M. and Colorado, or short vacation near home…BUT...I had an uncle and aunt who literally lived all over the globe. I fondly remember picking them up at the airport, listening to glowing stories of the wide world and then seeing them off again to their fascinating homes in Africa and South America…these early experiences stirred up within me a longing to see the world. During my junior year of college I spent an entire school year as an international exchange student in Nigeria, West Africa. What a life changing experience! I also visited several European destinations en route to Africa. Upon returning home, I had opportunity to visit Ecuador, in South America, as well as numerous places in the U.S. I had longed to go.

     After we married, my employment opened up further travels when I took a position as a travel consultant for a Christian owned and operated company that helped provide wholesale travel to Africa, Central and South America. There, I made travel arrangements mainly for mission groups, students traveling for language studies, and people seeking to adopt children from these areas. As a part of my training I traveled to Brazil to familiarize myself with the country and to Guatemala to set up a language study program. After several years of employment at this agency I was made manager until I became pregnant with our firstborn child. 

     Prior to the travel agency, I taught for a short time in the elementary public school system. This brief tenure, coupled with exposure to some really incredible and inspiring home school families led us to make a decision that, when blessed with children we would definitely home school.

     Through out the early years of raising our family on one income the aching desire to expose our children to this incredible world that God has created, never left me. It is this tremendous desire that caused me to utter a prayer that God would make the way…and it is in answer to that prayer that this website was conceived and born!

     Several years prior to the beginning of our service, I stumbled across the idea of home swapping when a friend’s neighbor had completed a house swap, I thought “What a great idea! So simple!”, yet…the idea went on a back burner until a trip to Washington, DC in the summer of ’06 (and hotel costs of well over $1,000.00) reminded me of it’s simplicity once again. However it was not until almost 8 months later that the idea actually blossomed into providing a service to homeschooling families. The Davidson’s are now completely thrilled to offer this service to families all over the United States and abroad! What a great opportunity to show your family the world…and we hope that it will bring excitement to you as you IMAGINE ALL THE WONDERFUL PLACES THAT ARE NOW TRULY WITHIN YOUR GRASP!!!




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